Hey, I’m Yaffa Palti

and I’m not afraid of too many things other than becoming fleishig, revolving doors and porcelain dolls. 

But my greatest fear of all is that of unfulfilled potential. 


I hate clichés and my favorite color is pink and I am aware of that irony. 


I grew up in Brooklyn, NY (I know, so rare! Jewish girl from Brooklyn!?) then got married and moved to Israel and then to Mexico City and then to San Diego and then when I finished exploring the globe I went back to my coast of origin and now reside in Miami with my husband Nisso and our five children. 


I’ve been actively involved in community affairs, teaching, and lecturing, and have led challah bakes and events for thousands of women across the US and around the world, for many years. 


I am a trained educator as well as a certified addictions and substance abuse professional.


As a speaker, I lecture on many diverse topics, each one inspirational, motivational and transformational; all profound, enlightening and unique. 

And of course, filled with joy and humor. 


But how did I get here? 

It’s the result of two decades of choices. 

Twenty years of choosing what’s right over what’s easy. 


Throughout my life I have made many decisions that led to other decisions that led to me making choices that led to other choices  that led to changes that led to other changes that kept pushing me further and further out of my comfort zone. 

I now live so far out of that zone that I would feel claustrophobic if you put me back in. 

I could’ve stayed in my comfort zone forever. My life would have been nice. 



But I chose to get out because by staying in the boundaries of my comfort, I was limiting my potential. 

This is not to say that living outside the boxes that were conditioned for me my whole life was easy. 

Starting from marrying my husband, who is from Mexico, which led me to change my minhagim from Ashkenaz to Sefard, (and not even the kind of Sefard that eats rice on Pesach!) moved from an Orthodox community to a secular one, (being the only one in my entire zip code in a wig and skirt ) moved to a new country, leaving my familiar and comfortable culture behind, (I moved from NY to Mexico where I had to give up my pizza and no, tacos are totally not a fair exchange) and then changed my language from English to Spanish (before Despacito was cool). 

And all of these choices were made by choosing Right over Easy. 

And that became the theme of my life; this constant conflict of wills:

What I want to do vs. What I should do. 


I have come to realize that easy doesn’t mean good and hard doesn’t mean bad. 

When we choose easy, we remain basic. 

When we choose right, we become great. 


I’m still working on it. Every choice leads to more choices. And every time I choose right, I get further out of my comfort zone, and every step I take outside of the zone, I expand and evolve and become a better version of myself. 


I chose to leave the familiar, and I choose it again and again, so that I can live the life I create and not the life that just happens to me. 

I want to Live On Purpose. 


My mission in life is to help other women Live on Purpose, too, by rediscovering the genius and joy of Judaism. 

I offer education, tools and techniques, through the wisdom of Torah, that enables them to make choices that will lead them to becoming their healthiest and happiest selves. I empower them to become leaders- both in their own lives as well as within their communities and beyond.


I created this website because that was my next choice in my series of Right vs Easy. 

Being a leader is not easy. 

But if you have potential to inspire the masses and that potential needs to be fulfilled and if your biggest fear in life is unfulfilled potential, then you get yourself out there and you choose what is right. 


And choosing right can never be wrong. 


Welcome to Living On Purpose! 

Thank you for finding me here! 


And as I tell my Instagram community: 

Don’t be my follower; be my co-leader! 

Together we can change the world, one cliché at a time 


Lots of Love,


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